The Terrace menu for the week of September 25

Staying for all or some of mini-break? Here are the dining options.

mini-break_closing_schedule 2016 final.jpg

The Campus Store





Ever Green Cafe

Chipotle-Ranch Chicken Panini
Soup: Chili


Steak Tips Mashed Potatoes Gravy Corn Roll and Drink

Fresh Market and Cafe

Taco Salad
6 Garlic Honey Mustard Wings with Chips

Make a Deposit


Your campus ID is the key to college living. It opens doors, works like a credit card, stores your meal plan, hosts your Campus Spending Accounting, gets you printing services and library books. ID photos are taken during orientation or the first days at school. Card services are activated about 5 days before classes begin each semester.

To add money to any of your accounts, visit the on-line portal or visit the ACES Business office, located on the first floor of CDH. 

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