Campus Spending Accounts

Campus Spending Account or CSA is a debit account that you can access with your student ID card. Just like any debit account, it allows you to make purchases on campus and at select off-campus partners-- all without having to carry cash. It is a great money management tool for college, as well as the way to use your financial aid to purchase textbooks, course materials, and the supplies you need to for a successful semester at Alfred State College!

Funding a Campus Spending Account

Through your College Bill

When processing your college bill, you can add funds to a CSA account in the Adjustable Fees section.  Use this option when you want to use financial aid to purchase your textbooks and course materials.  Once your bill is processed, if you have excess financial aid, you can go back into your bill and add additional funds to your CSA instead of waiting for a refund.

Note: CSA funds added on your bill are downloaded to your student ID card 3x per day.  The funds will not be available until the first download after adjusting your bill.  All funds added after the final download of the day will be loaded with the next BUSINESS DAY’s morning download.

Through eAccounts

Another option to deposit funds into your CSA is through eAccounts.  eAccounts is an online tool (also available as an app) which allows you to track your spending and check your CSA balance, as well as all aspects of your Meal Plan.  Funds added through eAccounts will be available immediately upon transaction approval.  Once a student has logged into eAccounts for the first time, others, using only the student’s ID number, can make deposits into the account as a guest depositor.

It is strongly suggested that Students download the Transact eAccounts app. This will allow students to track their CSA Balance, as well as all aspects of their Meal Plan.

Students and Parents can download the Transact eAccounts App from the Apple iTunes or Google Play.

Additional Information about CSA

  • The college suggests that $550 in CSA is a reasonable first deposit. Students make this choice when they process their bill. 
  • CSA can be added in any increment up to $1,995.00 or completely deleted from your bill
  • Accounts are activated the business day after you process your bill. Once the funds become available you cannot get a refund of any remaining balance until the end of the spring semester.
  • Funds remaining at the end of the Fall Semester will roll over to the Spring Semester
  • Account balances of $20 or more at the end of the Spring Semester will be reimbursed to the student’s home address as long as there is no outstanding account with the college.

Where is CSA Accepted

CSA funds can be used at:

  • The Campus Store
  • Vending machines
  • Any on-campus dining location
  • Participating Campus Partners 

Campus Partners

The Alfred State Campus Partner program allows participating local businesses to accept Campus Spending Account funds as a form of payment. Occasionally, partners are added or leave the program. Check back here frequently for an up-to-date list of partners.  

Look for the Campus Partner sign.

In Alfred

In Wellsville


CSA funds may not be used to purchase alcohol, lottery tickets, adult materials or tobacco products.