Cable TV Services

Alfred State College has partnered with MyCampusVideo to provide a cutting-edge cable TV package.  As a leader in the higher education technology space, we are confident you will be pleased with what MyCampusVideo is offering. This forward-thinking solution will provide the best in entertainment programming and a wide range of cable channels. Some of these new features include:

  • HD channels
  • HD quality at 1080i
  • Premium channels (HBO, Showtime, & Cinemax)
  • Comprehensive line-up
  • 24/7 premium support

How To Install

  1. Screw the coax cable directly into the “Cable In” port on the back of your TV.
  2. Ensure that all cables are connected securely.
  3. In the Menu or Set-Up options on the TV, verify that the TV is set to CABLE or CATV.
  4. Run a channel scan. (This can also be done if you are missing channels.)

NOTE: This setting is normally located in the menu or set-up option. However, it varies depending on the TV make and model.

QAM Tuners

Only televisions with a QAM digital tuner will be able to receive the broadcast channels. Most televisions produced after 2009 are digital compliant and have the necessary tuner, however some less expensive television models may not. Please check the specifications in your television's manual, or visit the manufacture website for details. Televisions without a QAM digital tuner will require a digital QAM converter box (available at most electronic retailers) to receive the broadcast channels after the upgrade.

Contact MyCampusVideo’s support – Available 24/7/365.

MyCampusVideo’s Texas-based support team is available 24/7 via chat, phone, text and email to answer any and all of your cable TV questions.

Call     (833) 493-4901


Text    “MyVideo” to 2029807135


Students may access the cable TV portal by visiting  This portal is built meant to access chat support and obtain the toll-free support number, no account creation necessary.

Cable Channel Guide

Your Cable TV Service: New Premium Channels and All High Definition

Alfred State is experiencing entertainment in a whole new way! Campus television has been converted to all HD service. And we’ve added two new free premium channels. So, in addition to HBO you can now enjoy Cinemax and Showtime at no extra cost.

Our service provider, Apogee, has streamlined the channel lineup and now offers 15 new viewing options. Your new channel guide:

HD Channel Lineup
Viewing Number Channel Name
3.1 Alfred State Visix System
4.1 Campus Life Channel
5.1 Cheddar/MTVU
23.1 ABC- WKBW
23.2 CBS- WIVB
24.1 NBC - WGRZ
25.1 CW-WNLO
25.2 MNT- WNYO
27.1 HLN
27.2 CNN
28.1 CNBC
28.2 MSNBC
29.1 Fox News Channel
29.2 Fox Business Network
30.1 Bloomberg
30.2 CSPAN
31.1 CSPAN2
31.2 TBN
32.1 ESPN
32.2 ESPN2
33.1 ESPNews
33.2 ESPNU
34.1 Fox Sports 1
34.2 NBC Sports Network
35.1 NFL Network
35.2 NBA TV
36.1 NHL Network
36.2 MLB Network
37.1 Velocity
37.2 Pursuit
38.1 TNT
38.2 TBS
39.1 USA Network
39.2 A&E
40.1 FX
40.2 FXX
41.1 Tru-TV
41.2 ION
42.1 GetTV
42.2 TVLand
43.1 BET
43.2 SYFY Channel
44.1 Bravo
44.2 HGTV
45.1 Food Network
45.2 Cooking Channel
46.1 Lifetime
46.2 WE tv
47.1 OWN
47.2 Oxygen
48.1 MTV Live
48.2 MTV
49.1 MTV2
49.2 VH1
50.1 Fuse
50.2 CMT
51.1 The Weather Channel
51.2 BBC America
52.1 Travel Channel
52.2 TLC
53.1 History Channel
53.2 Discovery Channel
54.1 National Georgraphic
54.2 NASA
55.1 Animal Planet
55.2 E! Entertainment
56.1 Comedy Central
56.2 Cartoon
57.1 Disney Channel
57.2 Disney XD
58.1 Nickelodeon
58.2 Nicktoons
59.1 TeenNick
59.2 FreeForm
60.1 Hallmark Channel
60.2 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
61.1 Paramount Network
61.2 REELZChannel
62.1 IFC
62.2 AMC
71.2 Cinemax
72.1 Showtime