Dining Meal Plans

All About Food at Alfred State

Every on-campus student must have a meal plan. The good news is that Dining Services makes it easy and economical to select a plan that works for you.

When you are ready to start thinking about meal plans, think simplicity and flexibility. Your goal as a student, especially as a first year student, is to focus on academics. Good nutrition is an important part of that goal. Sometimes it can be hard to juggle a tight budget with school and work at the same time. So we suggest that the 18 or 14 meal plan works best for your first semester.

Meal Plans 2024 - 2025 Semesters




Dining Dollars



Meal Plans

Any 21 Plus

Any 21 meals per week



Any 18 Plus

Any 18 meals per week



Any 14 Plus

Any 14 meals per week



Any 12 Plus

Any 12 meals per week



Any 9 Plus

Any 9 meals per week





Meal Plans

Any 5

Any 5 Meal Plans Per Week



Dining Dollars 1

Dining Dollars ONLY



Dining Dollars 2

Dining Dollars ONLY




** Not available to first year or transfer students

In addition to meal swipes, each meal plan includes Dining Dollars which can be used to buy meals or a la carte food purchases at any on-campus restaurant. Dining Dollars may be increased at any time online or at the ACES business office on the first floor of CDH. As part of the meal plan, Dining Dollars are not refundable nor transferable. Dining Dollars expire at the end of each semester. 

Every residential meal plan comes with 5 bonus meals to be used throughout the semester.  These bonus meals can be used for guests that come to campus. 

The Townhouses and MacKenzie apartments are equipped with full kitchens.  Students living in either of these two units who wish to choose something other than a residential meal plan should contact the ACES Business Office to open other options on their bills. 

Students may only decrease their meal plan option during the first two weeks of the Fall semester. After that, meal plan can be changed when you process the next semester's bill. Meal plan options can be increased at any time. New or transfer students only who enter Alfred State in the spring semester will have two weeks to change their meal plan selection in January.

Meal Plan Terms & Conditions

How to Use a Meal Plan

Learn the basics of how to use your meal plan.

  • Weekly meal totals begin on Sunday and expire on Saturday night. Meals do not carry over if unused.
  • Use Dining Dollars when you want a light snack – like a bagel or a coffee. Save the ‘meals’ for when you need a full meal (a visit to The Terrace, The Rig in Wellsville, or a “meal deal” where you get an entrée, side and drink at any other on-campus dining unit.)
  • Track your meal swipe and Dining Dollar balance on the e-Accounts app or online.
  • Use the link or the app to add more Dining Dollars. You can also reload Dining Dollars at the ACES business office. Cash, credit card, personal checks accepted.

Paying for meals.

When you place your order, hand the cashier your ID card. If your card is on a lanyard or in a protect sleeve, remove it first. Tell the cashier how you would like to pay:

  • Meal swipe
  • Dining dollars
  • CSA
  • Cash
  • Credit card
  • Bonus meals

Curious about how many meals or dining dollars remain on your account? Feel free to ask the cashier.

Take advantage of special events at the Terrace.

Each semester the dining staff hosts elaborate special dinners and buffets. These exciting events are part of your meal plan – be sure to take advantage of them!

Use social media to stay up-to-date.

Stay current using Facebook and Instagram.

What if you get sick?

If a student is sick and confined to their room, a roommate or friend may pick up a meal for them at any dining location. Whoever is picking up the meal should bring along the ID of the sick student and a note from that student specifying what they want to order. Take-out containers are located in all units, including The Terrace.

Students who are sick for more than one day should contact the Health Center for additional assistance.

Flu care packages are provided by Dining Services at the request of the Health Center.

What if you have company? 

Every meal plan that includes meal swipes comes with five (5) bonus meals. Use them to host your friends and show off Alfred’s campus.

Learn about meal zones.

The meal plan identifies 3 meal zones: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can use only three meal swipes within each meal zone. Meal zones are:

Breakfast 6:30-10:30 am
Lunch 10:30am-4:00pm
Dinner 4:00-11:00pm
Please note that meal zones do not equate to serving hours in every dining unit. Please check serving hours in each unit to see when meals are served.

Complete Hours of Operation

Dining is available on campus from 6:30am to 11pm Monday through Friday. On weekends, we begin serving at 8:30am.