Meal Plan Terms and Conditions

Alfred State ID Card

Your Alfred State ID Card is the official identification card for Alfred State College students.  Please refer to the Code of Student Conduct for its use.  The card holder is responsible for maintaining their card for their entire school career and is responsible to notify the ACES Business Office in the event that the Alfred State ID card is lost.  Lost or damaged cards may be replaced for a fee. ACES Business office hours are available at .  After business hours, a lost card should be reported to You can deactivate, and reactivate your card at any time through the eAccounts App.

Meal Plan Agreement

Applicable to all Dining Plans.

The meal plan agreement is per semester.  A different meal plan may be chosen on your bill each semester.  The meal plan is tax exempt, therefore only the Alfred State ID card holder can use their Alfred State ID card to access their meal plan option.  Any student who attempts to use another student’s card will be subject to discipline via the Office of Student Conduct and/or University Police.

Meal plans are subject to certain New York State tax law provisions.  As a result, except as otherwise described in this agreement, unused meal swipes and Dining Dollar points cannot be refunded for non-use or any other reason.

Resident Agreement (Required)

Applicable to residential meal plans

When you live on campus you must purchase a Resident Meal Plan. All fall semester residents who do not select a plan will be assigned the Any 14 Meal Plan.  The bill for returning residents during spring semester will default to the meal plan they had during the fall semester.  The meal plan can be changed on your bill prior to processing. 

Townhouse/Mack Apartment/Commuter Agreement (Optional)

When you live in the Townhouses, Mackenzie Apartments or off campus, meal plans are optional.  Commuters will default to have no meal plan on their bill, but may choose from any of the meal plans to add on their bill.  Townhouse and Mackenzie Apartment students will default to the Any 14 meal plan in the fall.  These students must contact the ACES Business Office to open up their bill for non-residential meal plan options, including no meal plan, prior to processing their bill.  The bill for returning students in the spring semester will default to the meal plan they had during the fall.


For Meal Plan holders, “meals” are redeemed in any Dining Facility. Meal periods are posted at  

The following Meal Plans are available:

Residential Meal Plans:

Any 21 Plus 125 Dining Dollars

Any 18 Plus 125 Dining Dollars

Any 14 Plus 150 Dining Dollars

Any 12 Plus 200 Dining Dollars

Any 9 Plus 250 Dining Dollars

Non-Residential Meal Plans:

Any 5 Plus 5 Bonus Meals (No Dining Dollars)

Dining Dollar 1 - 500 Dining Dollars

Dining Dollar 2 - 275 Dining Dollars

With the exception of Dining Dollar 1 or Dining Dollar 2 non-residential plans, weekly meal swipes will be added to the Alfred State card every Sunday morning and expire Saturday night.

Meals do not roll over from week to week or semester to semester.

Guest Passes

The Any 21, Any 18, Any 14, Any 12, Any or 9 plans include 5 “bonus” meals per semester, which may be used for guests. 

Due to NYS Tax Law, your meal plan is non-transferable. This means your meal plan (including Dining Dollars) cannot be used to obtain food or drink for others, except when using your plan’s bonus meal privileges for guests.

Dining Dollars

Every residential meal plan comes with Dining Dollars which may be used in any dining location. Additional Dining Dollars may be purchased in any amount at any time with cash, check, or credit card via the ACES business office or via credit card in eAccounts.

Dining Dollars remaining in the fall semester will NOT be rolled over to the spring semester.  It is important to note that Dining Dollars are Non-transferrable and Non-refundable. Any Dining Dollars left on a student’s account at the end of the semester will NOT be refunded.

Plan Changes and Refunds

Dining plan selections should be made when processing the student bill in Banner Web and can be changed on the student bill prior to the first day of classes. Changes to the meal plan after the start of classes during the fall semester are limited to the first two weeks of the semester and must be handled through the ACES Business Office. Changes to the meal plan for the spring semester must be made on the student bill prior to processing and before the start of classes. New incoming first year students and transfer students only may make changes to their meal plan during the first two weeks of the spring semester with the ACES Business Office.

Dining plan refunds will only be granted when the student formally withdraws from the College.  All refunds will be on a prorated basis.  New York State sales tax code stipulates that qualified refunds for tax exempt plans will be based on time criteria and not plan utilization.  Refunds of the meal plan will be prorated by week using the last date the Meal Plan was used and the Withdrawal date from the college. Refunds for the Dining Dollar portion of the meal plan will be limited to the lesser of the pro-rated refund amount or the balance.