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Ever Green Cafe

Ever Green is located in the Student Leadership Center, it is a laid-back coffee house where you can grab a quick snack or a sandwich and a hot cup of Joe. Meetings and study breaks are relaxing as you take in the beautiful Alfred valley or warm yourself by the free-standing fireplace.


Monday-Friday 7:30 am - 5 pm
Saturday-Sunday Closed

Full Menu

Chicken Caesar Salad 6.65
Grilled Chicken Salad 7.20
Strawberry Chicken Salad 6.65
Fresh Garden Salad 5.40
Chef Salad 7.20
All salads are served with your choice of dressing  


Thai Chicken 5.25
Ham and Cheese 4.30
Turkey and Cheese  4.40
Veggie 3.35
Chicken Caesar 5.25
Chicken Salad  4.55
Tuna Wrap 4.60


Turkey Club 5.60
Ham and Cheese 5.35
Tomato Mozzarella and Pesto 5.45
Steak and Cheddar 5.40
Three Cheese 3.70


Ham and Cheese 3.95
Turkey and Cheese 4.10
Chicken Salad 3.55
Tuna Salad 3.40
Egg Salad 4.10
Choice of white or wheat bread  


Chips 1.05
Bread Sticks .80
Granola Bar .65
Fruit Snacks .90
Yogurt 1.35
Greek Yogurt 1.85
Trail Mix .79
Macaroni Salad .89
Potato Salad .89


Coffee Drinks 12 oz 16 oz 20 oz
Coffee 1.40 1.65 1.90
Cappuccino 3.00 3.50 4.00
Latte (Hot or Iced) 3.30 3.70 4.00
Chai (Hot or Iced) 2.75 3.30 3.70
Blenders (Chocolate, Vanilla Latte or Coffee) x 4.75 x
Iced Coffee x 1.89 x
Hot Tea 2.00    
Espresso  1.00 2.00 x


Other Beverages  
Hot Cocoa 2.50
Single Espresso Shot .75
Double Espresso Shot 1.50
Flavor Shot .50
Soy Milk .50
Bottled Water 1.29
Juice 1.79
Fountain Drink 1.25
Iced Tea 1.85



Meal Deals
Any Salad, Side and Drink
Any Sandwich, Side and Drink
Any Wrap, Side and Drink
Large Cappuccino, Latte, Chai or Coffee with One Bakery Item (Hot or Cold)
Medium Blender with Side
Soup, Bread Sticks, Side
Daily Special with Side

 Meal Deal drink options: Bottled Water, Fountain Drink or Small Coffee

 Cookie 1.30
 Bar or Brownie 2.59
 Filled Danish 1.80
 Cinnamon Roll 1.80
 Scone 1.80
Bread sticks .55



December 5

Ham & cheese on a Croissant


December 2nd

Pizza Wrap


December 3

Sliced steak on flatbread


December 4

Pulled pork with coleslaw


December 5

Ham & cheese on a Croissant


December 6

Chicken pesto wrap