Deposit Accounts

Use your mobile phone to manage deposit accounts. Download the Blackboard Transact App from the Apple iTunes or Google Play.

Campus Spending Account

CSA is a debit account that you can access with your student ID card. Just like any debit account it allows you to make purchases on campus and at select off-campus partners-- all without having to carry cash. It is a great money management tool for college.

CSA is available to every student. It appears as an optional fee on your student bill.  If you are eligible for a financial aid refund, it is an easy way to purchase books and supplies before classes begin. You may change the amount, increase or decrease it, or delete it totally from your bill. Students in certain curricula will need much more, others much less. You can add money to your account online at any time. Others can make deposits in your account after you have logged in for the first time and if you give the depositor your 800 number.

These funds can be used at any campus store, vending machine, or dining facility. CSA funds are great for textbooks and supplies from the Campus Store. 

Your CSA account is loaded onto your Campus ID card, then a quick swipe through a cash register or vending machine pays for purchases.

CSA funds can also be used to purchase items like:

  • Anything from the Campus Store
  • Vending machine items
  • Food from any on-campus dining location
  • Food, meals, gasoline and services from participating Campus Partners

Cool Things to Know About CSA

  • Like Dining Dollars, the CSA works like a debit card
  • The college suggests that $550 in CSA is a reasonable first deposit. Students make this choice when they process their bill. 
  • The amount of CSA deposits can be increased in $50 increments or completely deleted from your bill
  • Unused CSA balances are rolled into the Spring semester
  • If you have an account balance of more than $20, and you do not have any outstanding accounts with the college, unused CSA funds will be reimbursed at the end of the spring semester
  • Accounts are activated a few days before classes start each semester. After the activation date, you cannot get a refund on the amount until the end of the spring semester.
  • Once college costs have been deducted from financial aid awards, you can elect to put excess financial aid funds into the CSA. 
  • Students can monitor their spending and add money to accounts using Apple mobile devices. Download Blackboard Transact from the App Store. 

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars come with almost every meal plan or they can be purchased separately. Money in the account can be used to purchase meals and snacks at any on-campus dining facility. Your account information is loaded onto your Campus ID card, then a quick swipe through a restaurant cash register pays for your food. This is similar to your Campus Spending Account, but there are important differences:

  • Dining Dollars are for non-taxable food purchases only; this delivers an automatic savings of over 8 percent on every purchase. 
  • Due to NYS tax law, Dining Dollars are not refundable and expire at the end of each semester.
  • Dining Dollars may only be used on campus