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Island Oasis

Island Oasis, in the Student Gathering Place, rocks a cool island feel serving up fresh, all natural smoothies.



Mix and Match Flavors and Options
Strawberry Pina Colada
Mango Banana
Raspberry Wildberry
Peach Ice Cream 
Non Fat Yogurt  


Straight Up Fruit $3.50
Pick one or mix and match flavors  
RC Realty Check-Strawberry  
Shivering Shultz- Peach, Raspberry, Banana  
Wild West Berry-Wildberry  
Townhouse Twist-Pina Colada, Mango  
Burdick Brain Freeze-Strawberry, Mango  


Energy Infused $3.75

Choose your fruit flavor and we'll blend it with AMP
for the refreshing burst of energy you need.
Frozen or Iced. 



Fitness Freak $3.75
Available with the fruit of your choice  
Gogo Getman- A balanced meal replacement low in calories with all the daily vitamins you need  
Main Gate Blizzard-Low calorie shake with extra fiber  
Braddon Energy-The ideal recovery shake high in protein  
Peet Power-Meal replacement with vitamin C and immunity blend of echinacea, ginseng and zinc  
Pioneer Peanut Butter Dream-Bulk up with the ultimate protein shake, banana, ice cream, frozen yogurt, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, protein  


Coffee Break $2.75

Choose Cafe Latte, Mocha, Caramel
Frozen or Iced


Fruit and Yogurt $3.50
Ice cream can be substituted for yogurt  
Mack West-Wildberry, yogurt  
Mack North-Orange juice, mango, yogurt  
Mack East-Banana, strawberry, yogurt  
Mack West-Peach, yogurt  


Add Ons  
Choose one or more  
Fat Burner, Energy, Fiber, Immunity Blend, Vitamin C .50
Protein (13g), Meal Replacement (16g) 1.00

Meal Deal

Pretzel Bites and 16oz Smoothie